5. Conclusion

5.1 Practical Applications
Many people can easily get ink stains on their clothes. However, not many people are aware of household items that can be used to removing the ink stains, going to a dry cleaner, which is a more expensive alternative, or just leaving the stain there. Our investigation will help people know which chemicals they can find around the house can most effectively remove the ink stains without them having to worry about experimenting themselves or ruining their clothes entirely.

5.2 Areas For Further Study
There are certain areas in our experiment that require further study. For example, "What is in these chemicals that allow the ink stain to be removed?". There might be similar chemicals in these substances that allow the ink stain to be removed. Also, the type of ink should also be studied as different ink types may require different types of chemicals in order to be removed. How much of these chemical needed should also be studied and why only these chemicals can remove ink stains.

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